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Residential single-family real estate with garden

The point of choosing a detached real estate property is the point where there is a garden even if it is narrow. If you can have a garden at narrow, you can keep a dog in the garden or play. By having a garden, you can enjoy gardening, enjoy a home garden, or live while feeling nature. And because there is a garden, the house is away from the surrounding roads, so you can relax in the house.

That point If you are in a condominium life such as a rental apartment real estate property or condominium real estate property, you can not possess a garden by all means and it becomes a balcony. If you breed dogs on the veranda or play with the veranda, you become annoying, so if you want to live a certain garden anyway you will live in a detached property. However, in the case of a detached real estate property near the center of the city recently, land can not be widely secured widely and the price of the land is also high, so if you purchase a house near the city center, there is no garden single-family real estate property There is also. So if it is important to have a garden, you can build a single-family real estate with a large garden by purchasing land outside the city from the suburbs.

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