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House of all electrification system

In this era, water is of course necessary, but sometimes we do not need the gases that we used until now, so that we can supplement electricity with the gas used. It becomes the system of all electrification in the house, all-electricization is also common sense, the system of all electrification is popular in apartment house and a house of a single house and any type of residence. All homes with all electrification systems will be supplemented with electricity, so gas will not be used at all.

The gas that I used in the bathroom and the kitchen so far has turned into electricity, for example in a bathroom it took time and money to burn a bath with gas. If it is electric, you can put a bath with one button and you can do it in about 15 minutes, it will save you and will also take a bath in a short time. In addition, recent living has only kitchen to IH stove, there is no gas because there is no gas either with all electrification system or IH stove alone, there is merit not to use fire.

If you do not use fire in the living kitchen, you will not get burned, and of course there is no worry that the house will be a fire. Even in the kitchen, cleaning was difficult in the case of gas, but IH stove is clean only by wiping.

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