Housing for newly built properties and built-up properties

Concept of living and ease of living and value

In securing clothing, shelter and housing, it is important to secure housing, but it is also an important point when choosing values ??regarding living. As a value, we may choose money mainly as assets. In this case, regardless of leasing or my home, I will think about paying asset value and economic rent as the center. In order to purchase my home, search for rental property as cheap as possible, save the down payment while saving, and purchase my property with asset value in the future as real estate investment. Because we focus on economic value, we are not very satisfied with living conditions, but for the future we will think of our present residence as well. There are also reasons for saving old capital.

There are values ??as a value that gives priority to ease of living. This is not a future, looking for a living place to live now, and spending money on it. As a merit of priority to value of living, it is a way to make the living environment better as much as possible, to make work and everyday life comfortable, reduce mental burden by relieving stress and healing. In that way life and work may be smooth, and the merit is that the life is improved mentally and economically. Somewhere between the extremes is a sense of value about my residence, but it is easier to obtain results if you clarify your basic values ??of residence.

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