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How to choose natural disasters and housing

In the current period, news will be more frequent for natural disasters such as typhoons, but in addition to the earthquake in Kumamoto earthquake countermeasures are central concerns of natural disasters. Regarding living, either for my home or for rent, if you live, you only have to live there as it is, so it is important how you deal with natural disasters during the period of living. Regarding living, for example, even if you make a night trip on a sightseeing trip, if you encounter a big natural disaster at the accommodation site, no matter what your home is safe it makes no sense. This may also be a natural disaster at work in the workplace, and if you think about various situations it becomes impossible to deal with everything. If so, it is realistic to focus on coping with home security at the center, if possible as a possibility.

In the case of home it is also a place to use during unprotected sleep. If you work in the daytime such as workplace, you can escape even in the event of an earthquake or a fire, so there are countermeasures to be taken, but only after the safety of the house is reached after a good deep sleep. In buildings where you can secure time to escape even big earthquakes, you can escape after getting up even if you are asleep. As Japan is also an earthquake power country, we need to choose about housing as well, considering whether we can survive against earthquake resistance performance and other disasters first.

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