Housing for newly built properties and built-up properties

Necessity of confirmation of living and ground etc.

In terms of choosing a home in everyday life, it is important that you can live comfortably and that you can live safely. Previously I was conscious of finding out where I could live comfortably. However, it has become necessary to sufficiently confirm whether or not it is a safe housing due to tampering with data of buildings such as recent disasters and foundations. Even buildings need to be examined by experts who also guessed internal weaknesses that we do not know from the surface alone. Because my home is an expensive shopping once in a lifetime, there were unconscious assumptions and preconceptions that it is natural that safety is commensurate with its expensive price. However, it became more and more difficult to choose the way of living, as it has collapsed quite a bit.

Before comfortable living, we need to choose a house that can survive even big earthquakes and other disasters. Even if I can live comfortably, I do not make any sense if my life disappears in the event of a disaster. And it is also necessary to know not only the earthquake resistance of the building but also the expert knowledge to investigate and select the location of 2000 faults throughout the country. To find Japanese homes means you need a higher level of finding than other countries.

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