Housing for newly built properties and built-up properties

Natural Disasters and Housing and Ground

In expensive shopping my home, it is necessary to narrow down from various conditions and purchase considering cost performance. In the case of renting it is not a cheap shopping considering security deposit, key money, total rent of the contract period, etc. Considering that, my head hurts because I have a lot of money to live on. Even if you work hard to earn income, the ratio of payments to live is very high. If we can make it a little cheaper, we can save it for that amount and use it for shopping and other pleasure, so in the case of Japan it can be said that economically it is a country that is hard to live for. In addition to that, we need to think about disaster countermeasures, and we need eyes to choose safe dwellings.

In that case the seismic performance of the building is also important, but the location also needs to be selected considering convenience from the asset value etc., as well as large earthquakes, direct earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides So it's tough. In that case, we need to investigate the situation of the ground itself. In checking whether the ground on which the building is built is solid, there is also the possibility that in the case of swamps, lakes, coastal reclaimed land, etc., the ground itself will become fluidized by a large earthquake. As for the ground, you can see the old map etc. on the Internet, municipal libraries, etc. In addition, there are sites that understand the ground, so you can choose them more safely by using them.

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