Housing for newly built properties and built-up properties

Housing and natural disasters and subsequent preparations

Safety against natural disasters such as large earthquakes and tsunamis is important when choosing living in Japan, but the living afterwards becomes important when surviving. Although you can see the displaced people after the earthquake, there are assistance from the country and assistance from the people, but in the long run it will be difficult to deal with themselves. We need to prepare not to lose everything by natural disasters such as large earthquakes. Even in asset management, diversified investment becomes important in risk management, but when considering the assets that you own, the situation that you lose all in a big earthquake is the same as diversification investment is not done. It is also important to deal with so as not to lose everything by a major earthquake or tsunami.

If you lose everything with a tsunami or anything else, you will hesitate to rebuild your home in the same place, and the value of that land will be greatly impaired even if it is worth asset value Yes. Also, although there is earthquake resistance performance, even if the building does not collapse, those assets will be lost if they can not live. We purchase buildings of base isolation structure, borrow it for rent, use the part of purchasing my home for savings and safe asset management, reduce the economic risk of large earthquakes and direct earthquakes It may be necessary to keep it.

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